Model Adriana Hughes Delights Fans With ‘No Equipment’ Beach Workout For Lower Body – VIDEO

An Instagram model shared a simple no equipment beach workout on social media – and her fans loved it.Adriana Hughes has over 359,000 followers on Instagram where she posts the occasional workout and inspirational post.

In fact over the past few months, the stunning babe has been delighting her fans with exercises and fitness tips during lockdown.Previously, the model was demo-nstrating an ab workout – only to get di-stracted by her furry friend during the intense reps.

Now Adriana has taken things to the beach in Dubai by sharing an incredible “no equipment” workout to ta-rget the lower body.

Posting a few weeks ago, her caption read: “No equipment, kinda low impa-ct workout for your thighs and bo-oty.“Wearing the most comfortable activewear from at whitefoxboutique.”I’ve been wearing their gym wear for ages now and this new collection is definitely one of my favorites.”

Adriana starts by completing two sets of the simple squat with 40 reps each.

Then she moves into a standing do-nkey ki-ck with the same sets and reps.

The model’s next move is the side leg raise which she completed on both sides and then added a squat superset in between. In her other clips, Adriana begins to try a variety of squats and then completes her workout with a single leg bridge.

Since she posted the workout, the beauty garnered 5,600 likes and thousands of comments from fans.One gushed: “Love it babe, I’m more of a fan of the slideshow rather than IG TV, easier to watch this way.”

Another praised: “It looks so good! I have to do it!”A third added: “Great routine. You look amazing.”

And a fourth commented: “Absolute perfection.”

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