Viral Video Of A Police Officer Who Pretends Traffic Stop To Surprised His Girlfriend With Real Proposal

Alexis McCart received the surprise of a lifetime when she was pu-lled over last Tuesday afternoon while on a drive with her friends in Lawrenceville, Georgia: a marriage proposal!McCart wasn’t sure at first why Lawrenceville Police Department Officer Michael Peterson had pu-lled over her car.

However, her confusion led to joy when she realized her boyfriend, Officer John Heart of the DeKalb County Police Department, was waiting for her during the traffic stop with a gorgeous diamond ring.

Heart popped the question after four years of dating. McCart, of course, said yes!Heart said the plan to surprise his now-fiancée came together just hours before the proposal, with assistance from Peterson and Lawrenceville Police Department Officer Patrick Rose.

“I was bouncing between three different options, but it was Patrick who really gave me the idea,” Heart told the Gwinnett Daily Post. “The main problem was Lexi was not going to be driving — her friend was — so we had to figure out how to make that workout. It was also a matter of me getting off work in time, but I just left an hour early and got to Lawrenceville as fast as possible.”

With a little help from McCart’s friends, who kept her occupied during an outing at a restaurant, Heart arrived to the scene in Rose’s car and nervously waited for his big moment.

After Peterson pulled over McCart and her friends, he pretended that police were looking for su-spects who had been to Walmart.

“(John) had the plan to have one of his friends from another agency pu-ll me over,” McCart told TODAY. “He knew that my driver, a friend, had a gift in the backseat and the gift was an age-nda that had my fiancé and I’s picture on the front that said, Mrs. Alexis Heart.”

McCart explained that when she got out of the car, she was asked questions about where she had been and was acc-used of lying about her previous whereabouts.

“During all this, my friend gave me the gift with the calendar,” she said. “I was confused at first, but when I turned around and saw (John) on one knee I could not contain my excitement!”The high school sweethearts have yet to set a wedding date, though they’re considering Oct. 4, in a nod to the police code ten-four (used to acknowledge a message).

As for other wedding details, McCart has a few ideas up her sleeve.”We also plan to have barbecue for our meal because that is our most favorite thing to eat together,” she explained.”We also want an outdoor wedding, preferably a ba-rn!”Congratulations to the happy couple!

This Article First Published On TODAY