When you see dreams with an open eye, no one can stop you, nor can your age. A 17-year-old boy added glory to history by becoming the youngest black pilot.Christopher Ballinger’s dreams are to fly high and touch the sky. He studied at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C.

Out of a thousand applications, only a few hundred are selected for the eight-week Air Force Junior ROTC Flight Academy summer program. Christopher Ballinger was one of the privileged boys to complete this course. He has officially become a licensed pilot, making him the youngest black pilot in the United States. Christopher had a keen interest in flying and always dreamt of it. His inner soul always inspired him to become a pilot.

He shared that the program was both exciting and challenging. He enjoys his training because he loves to take flights to new places. The participants woke up early at 5 am and were ready for their test. It was in two steps, first written and second, practically flying the aircraft. He spent a total of 55 hours flying. After completing the course, he gained an accomplishment in his life.

According to Christopher, he finally felt relieved about what he had done. He wants to fly military aircraft for his country and aims to join the Air Force Academy before his high school graduation. He is now part of the league and has gained a commercial pilot’s license at such a young age. One more teenager, Caleb Smith, was honoured by the Air Force for becoming the youngest glider pilot in the country.

Christopher says that through him, he wants to inspire the younger generation so that they work hard to pursue their dreams. Nothing is impossible. Strong passion and dedication are required to achieve great heights. Christopher urges youngsters to grab an opportunity if they find one. It does take a lot of hard work and dedication. Once you achieve what you aspire to, there is no greater satisfaction. Give it all that it takes and make your dreams come true.

All the best, young boy!