Dad Posted Photos Of His 14-Year-Old Boy At Work Results Into The Post Angers Many Viewers

Getting a job is everyone’s dream. The joy of getting your first job is unparalleled. We feel pleased that we have reached a milestone in our lives. The job can be big or small but inculcates a sense of responsibility. A 14-year-old boy got a part-time job at Burger King, and his father shared a photo of his happy son on social media while discussing work ethics.

Chris Crawford explained how his son is dedicated to his job and has become an example for young teens. But his posting started a debate about the tireless work of boys at a young age without taking any breaks. The father said this elaborately describes his son’s work ethic. He says that he works every single day and does not take holidays. He feels happy that his son has understood the value of time and wishes to go to work early. His son has made him proud of his accomplishments at a young age.

His son loves earning on his own and wishes to buy a car from his savings. His son is very particular about time. Crawford’s post has divided people’s opinions about work ethics. Some netizens support this and say it is good to understand the value of money. While others say that at this early age, the boy needs to focus on his studies. These are the initial years of his life. He should be a free kid without worries.

The working age for non-agricultural jobs in the United States is 14 years. The government has fixed working hours for teens under 16 years of age. Teenagers are not permitted to work in dangerous environments until they reach the age of 18. While going through the comment section, we found that people were concerned about the young boy and trolled his father for allowing him to work all seven days. The father, though, is pleased about his son’s attainment.

What is your take on this? Are you of the opinion that 14 is too young to start working? Do you feel it is best to start taking responsibility as early as possible? Or do you think a kid should be free of money-related issues and a job? Should a kid enjoy his age with no responsibility?