Georgia High School Senior Awarded Funds Of $2.2M In Scholarships From 80 Colleges

When you have dreams to fulfil, no one can stop you from achieving them. A girl from Georgia has received scholarships of $2.2 million and has been offered admission to more than 84 colleges.It is the story of Aylah Birks, a high school senior from Twiggs County, Georgia. She has received numerous college offers due to her unwavering academic efforts. She likes to give all credit to her mother, who always supported her during her studies.

 Birks was always a bright student in her studies. This brilliant student reaches the finals of the Gates Scholarship by scoring a 4.0 GPA in high school. She likes to read and write books. She has written a book called Perspective Through the Looking Glass. This book is a compilation of poetry, and the personal stories of Birks gained through her experience.

Her mother has been a strong pillar throughout her academic career. She has always encouraged her to study. Her mother likes to teach something new to her child. Aylah recalls her memory of staying at her grandparent’s house. Her mother remained busy taking care of her grandparents. They were not able to spend time together. Looking at that situation, Birks decided to do things without any help.

She describes the stressful times of getting college admissions. She was clueless about the process of admission. She spent countless sleepless nights collecting the information and submitting the forms before deadlines.In school, Aylah was harassed by other kids. Their words, however, did not stop her from achieving her goals.

She now advocates anti-bullying. She wants to study behavioural neuroscience as her major. She is also interested in legal studies in communication and public health, a minor subject. She had selected Clemson and Mercer universities for her graduation from numerous universities. Aylah proudly says that it is just the beginning. She still has more rewarding parts waiting for her. She is all geared up to work harder to make herself and her family proud.