The Black Man Saves An Elderly White Woman From Tragedy, Their Story Goes Viral

There is always a guiding angel looking upon you. An 88-year-old Georgian woman met hers and bonded with him for the rest of her life. Columbus teacher Barbara Kimboro headed towards the Circle K Station on Miller Road to get fuel for her car. She walked to get the receipt but forgot her walker in the car. When the old lady tried to step up the curb, she lost her balance. She began to fall backward. She knew it was going to be one fatal fall.

 Just then, the strong arms of JaQuan Sanks stopped in to catch her. Sanks saved the old lady from having a tragic fall. Barbara couldn’t thank him enough. For her, he turned out to be her lifesaver. As a small token of gratitude, Barbara paid for his gas fuel. They clicked pictures together. Sanks, 27, works at a Packaging Corporation of America in Opelika.

Sanks, however, doesn’t consider himself a hero or his act heroic. He believes whatever he did was not intended to gain public attention. He just did the right thing. His conscience couldn’t allow him to stand there and watch an elderly woman fall and get hurt.Barbara posted about the incident on her Facebook page. She uploaded pictures of Sanks pumping fuel in his car and showing a peace sign.

In another photograph, the beautiful elderly white lady stood smiling comfortably with the Black man. The picture is truly heartwarming. The post has gone viral with 5000 likes and 1500 shares. There are almost 3000 likes and 200 shares on their selfie, making it viral too. Since the incident, the two have become friends.

They have discussed the idea of visiting schools. Duo now wants children to learn the importance of helping one another. Sanks had realised that it all happened for a significant reason. They want to encourage people to rise above the barrier of colour, caste, and creed. Having now associated and bonded with Barbara, they set an example of a world above and beyond racism. The whole incident is an inspiration to the world. It is high time the world considers humanity above racism.