Viral Boy Quaden Bayes With Dwarfism, 11, Walks The Red Carpet

No matter if you are born with disabilities or limitations, you can have a meaningful life if you want to achieve extraordinary things in your life. People often laugh or make fun of people who are not born ‘normal’. Quaden Bayes was severely bullied in school because of his dwarfism disa-bility. 

The 11-year-old boy, Quaden Bales, walked on the red carpet for the premiere of his first Bollywood debut in Sydney for George Miller’s film Three Thousand Years of Longing. He will appear as an extra and share the screen with Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton. 

He is looking forward to his role in Furiosa, Miller’s upcoming blockbuster. It is the prequel to Mad Max, the action thriller (2015). The boy appears to be enthusiastic about his acting career and is looking for more acting opportunities in the future. He finds it crazy to work with George Miller. He never knew what Mad Max was until his brother showed him some movie clips, and he was amazed.

Quaden Bales came under the spotlight when his mother posted the sobbing video of his nine-year-old son on Facebook in February 2020. The young boy pleaded to stop the bull-ying. After being bull-ied, the boy in the video asked for a k-nife to ill himself. The mother picked up the son and took him to the principal to show that his son had been affected by the bullying. She asked the principal to educate the children else it would become another example of suicide.

The video went viral and received love and support. George Miller saw the video and was incredibly moved by it. To motivate and discourage bullying, he offers the role to the boy. According to the director, the boy has sufficient knowledge and experience in the film industry.

The boy got support from Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman. He told the young boy to be mentally strong and not to worry. Jackman even offered to be his friend. The actor asked people to respect each other.  We want Quaden to have a successful acting career. For people who feel helpless due to disabilities, Quaden has set an example of a man with strength and positivity.