A Woman Facing Backla-sh After Ignored To Wear A Mask At A Toronto Hospital & Complained About Being Denied Health Care – VIDEO

A Canadian woman has been roundly crit-icised after she compla-ined of being ref-used medical treatment because she wouldn’t wear a mask in the hospital.What’s more, she filmed the whole incident and put it on her Twitter account.

Letitia Montana filmed herself at the hospital being told by the staff at the St Joseph Hospital in Toronto that she’d have to put on a mask in order to stay there, due to regulations put in place by the local authorities to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Ms Montana had shown up to the medical facility hoping to receive treatment for a su-spected br-oken finger, but security was called and she was eventually told she wouldn’t be seen unless she put on a mask, which she completely ref-used to do.

After the incident, she shared the video she’d filmed to Twitter, writing: “Went into the Emergency Dept. at St Joseph’s Hospital in #Toronto for a su-spected br-oken finger.

“I was asked to wear a mask, which I ref-used to do. As a result, hospital staff asked me to leave and immediately called 3 security guards to esc-ort me out.”It’s fair to say that she didn’t get the outpouring of sympathy and support that she’d been hoping for.In the video, staff at the hospital wearing scr-ubs and masks try to explain the rules to her and asking her to stop filming them.

Ms Montana can be heard to say: “I’m not allowed to video but you’re making me wear a mask?”The rules in question were voted through unanimously by the Toronto City Council and require every person to wear a face covering or a mask in all public spaces.

This decision – which actually comes into fo-rce on July 7 – came after consultations with the Medical Officer of Health, who said that it would be best if the city used legislation to protect the health, safety, and well-being of the people of Toronto.Regardless, health professionals pretty much all agree that wearing a mask in public spaces that are indoors – and the rest, if you can – is the right way to go to stop the vir-us spreading.

As for the responses to Ms Montana’s video, one person wrote: “Imagine posting this and expecting people to agree with you. Hope your finger gets better on its own.”Another simply said that she needs to ‘grow up’, tweeting: “If it were anything more seri-ous and you were asked to put on a gown, would you ref-use that, too?”Hospitals want to (always) remain as sterile as possible and to keep potential patients as ri-sk-free as possible.

Grow up and wear the damn mask!”Ms Montana later defe-nded herself against the onsla-ught of nega-tive comments. In a separate tweet, she said: “How easy it is for some of you to judge! The few times I put a mask on I could hardly breathe especially with the h-ot summer he-at.

“This has lead [sic] me to do research on them & what I learned from science is that they do comp-romise your health in more ways than one.”In announcing the new laws, Medical Officer of Health Dr Eileen de Villa explained: “Evidence shows that wearing a mask indoors can help reduce the spread of Covid-19.”It’s a reasonable ac-tion to take to save lives. We all have a part to play in protecting our community and fig-hting Covid-19, and for most of us, that begins with wearing a mask.”

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