A 6-year-old Girl Befriends A Grocery Store Employee And Slips Him A Cheque For $10,000 In Soft “hi-five”.

Friendship has no age. It could be between a young and a small child. When the frequency of emotions gets matched, a bond of friendship builds. There is an unusual bond between the 6-year-old little girl, Fiona, and the store employee, Gilnet Sainvil. Fiona gave a $10,000 check as a return gift to him.

Fiona’s mom, Rachel Smith, frequently visited the local Publix store where Gilnet was working before the birth of Fiona. The staff was very kind to her. After Fiona was born, she continued visiting the same Publix store with Fiona. There was a person named Gilnet who always greeted Fiona with a high-five.

Fiona always got excited looking at Gilnet. The first interaction between the two was teaching high fives to each other. Soon, Fiona started referring to Gilnet as High Five. The girl was only two years old. Whenever she comes to the store, she receives warm greetings from Gilnet.

Gilnet expressed that meeting Fiona was a moment of unquantifiable joy. The friendship reached such a level that Gilnet decided to give Fiona a birthday gift on her third birthday. They both lived in the same area. Gilnet delivered a big box for Fiona. She excitedly unwrapped the gift box. When she opened it, she found a bicycle for her. She loved the gift and wished to express her gratitude by sharing some pictures of herself riding the bike.

Fiona hurried to Publix with her mother to look for Gilnet since she wanted to give him a note as a thank you. She first had problems locating him, but once she did, she sprinted over to give him the card and a bear hug. Rachel recorded the heartwarming moment. She uploaded the video on TikTok, where it went viral. Rachel decided to thank Gilnet. She stresses the need for a culture of gratitude and thankfulness.

She founded the online fundraiser, GoFundMe for Gilent so she could return a tangible gift to him. The people got influenced by the friendship story of Gilent and Fiona. Rachel collected $10,000 for him. Finally, Fiona gifted the check to Gilent. He did not look at the amount and gave a big hug to Fiona, who was a little bundle of joy for him. A bond beyond age.