15-year-old Boy Cares For Elderly Neighbors Every Day, Mom Wants To Know His Real Intentions

Once kids grow up, they do not need their parents to care for them. It is, however, the opposite way. It is the time when the parents need them the most. As the parents grow older, they need someone to help them. It is the time when they need their kids as their companions.

It would be wonderful if kids could spend quality time with their parents and be their companions. However, the hectic schedules and other priorities sadly do not let kids spend that time with their ageing parents. We are looking for someone who can be our replacement and take care of our parents.

Tiki Joyner Edwards was looking for someone who could check on her parents. Tiki was lucky to find a 15-year-old teen, Romemylion Mitchell. He was a neighbour. The boy was good-natured and trustworthy. Mitchell started spending quality time with the elderly couple. He started taking care of them. Tiki posted the story of the teen’s selfless service on Facebook. The post got 112K shares, and it went viral for a good reason.

Tiki mentioned that she wanted the boy to get recognized for his work. The boy visits the elderly couple daily. He has established a bond of love with them. Mitchell rides Trent Joyner on his bike to the nearest store and helps him shop for essential needs. He cuts the grass and helps the elderly couple with other daily chores. Not all boys at this age are so friendly and responsible. Mitchell is a busy boy and goes to school.

He has his life to enjoy, but he never steps back from his responsibilities. He was not even required to get paid by Trent and Cianne for his time or labor. This tale is particularly unique since Mitchell is such a selfless person. A kind-hearted young man spends some of his day assisting an elderly couple with no intentions of gaining something in return. The special connection between the elderly couple and Mitchell made the boy part of their family.

When Mrs. Joyner got admitted to the hospital for a few months, Mitchell visited her daily and asked about her well-being. He was again there to take care of her. It is inspiring to see someone with such a pure heart getting honored for their deeds. Mitchell will undoubtedly go on being a wonderful guy and impacting people’s lives as he ages. He truly deserves all the appreciation and blessings.